1. NeuroPsychosis

    PhD/PsyD Loma Linda University Clinical Psychology

    Hello, I wanted to bring this discussion back about this school just to keep up with updates if anything has changed since mid-2000s about the strength of this program. I was looking over their PhD program (also their PsyD) to gain a perspective of whether this program is successful in...
  2. Zeenie

    UCLA vs UoP vs Loma Linda

    Hey all, Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions about which school to choose between UCLA/UoP/LLU? I'm leaning towards UCLA because of the tuition and proximity to home, but I loved both UoP and LLU's atmospheres and professionalism. I'm planning on going into general dentistry, so specializing...
  3. A

    What do you like about your dental school?

    Early clinical exposure, reputable curriculum, etc. all sounds nice, but don't all dental schools these days offer this? They all sound similar to me. I'm looking for major differences in methodology/teaching, but it's difficult to find that info on schools' websites alone. Can any current...
  4. U

    Loma Linda vs. Morehouse

    Hey hey, As stated in the subject line, which medical school would you go to? I am accepted to both schools but now having trouble deciding and keep on going back and forth on pros and cons. If you are familiar with the schools, please state your reasoning for which school you would choose...