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    I am divided between NYU and Buffalo. I am from brooklyn so I can stay home and commute which is 1 hour to an hour and 15 minutes. If I stay in buffalo then I save commuting time but I will live by myself so have to do cooking and other chores. NYU Pros: - GET HPSP and save $450,000 tuition and...
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    GradPlus Loan Advice/Recommendation Needed

    Looking to get some perspective on a GradPlus loan I'm thinking of taking out this year. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Normally, I only borrow only what I need. This year, due to the new lower 5.3% interest rate compared to last year's 7.08%, I was hoping to take out the maximum...
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    Starting school with credit card debt

    Hi there! I am starting dental school this summer which is super exciting but unfortunately I have about $10k left in debt. This was a result of two cycles, dental assisting classes, and traveling for interviews. I know it was an investment. I was hoping my current job would have paid all of it...
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    How to handle family loans for tuition?

    Hey everyone! I have been accepted to CDMI class of 2023. It being a private school it is on the expensive end so my grandparents are wanting to loan me all of the tuition at little to no interst rate so I can avoid federal loans. I am researching the best way for them to loan me the money to...
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    Air Force or loans?

    Hey! I need some input and advice! I’m 20 years old and currently am a nationally certified expanded functions dental assistant. I finished school in November and got a job right away! I am planning on going to dental school but I’m trying to find the best route to take! I still need to get my...
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    Federal Subsidized Ungrad Loans

    Hey, If I get into Dental School, I will defer all of my Undergrad loans. Will my subsidized loans gain interest during school deferment? Or are these loans just subsidized for my Undergrad career? Sorry if this a dumb question. My financial consoler at school is booked for a week, and the...
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    Grad Plus or Federal loans?

    Which is better to take out, a private loan or a Grad Plus loan? Also, how does loan forgiveness work after graduation? Is it better to take out a Grad Plus loan (does it also count in loan forgiveness?)?
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    UCSF vs. UOP Dental need advice asap

    Hello Community, I have been fortunate enough to be accepted to both UCSF and UOP but I am having an agonizing time making a decision. In all honestly, I can see myself tremendously happy at both schools, so it is not a question of best fit, but what is best for my future. Since they're in...
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    Funding ideas for international d-study

    Hi guys I hope everyone is doing well. Everyone knows how ridiculously competitive Canadian dental schools are so us Canadians are left going abroad to peruse our studies. Though this is a very great opportunity for us, the finance required is just outright frightening. So to those who have gone...