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  1. Bwright007

    The Tough Life of a Recruiter

    Everyone hates me! No seriously, no one likes being called by a locum tenens recruiter. I asked this question on another thread, but I'm trying to take a different approach to the industry by asking first hand students, graduates, and tenured psychiatrists on here. Unfortunately my job is...
  2. kidthor

    Locums on the side to get 1099 income / associated tax benefits

    Hi all - I'm wondering if any of you do locums on the side in order to get 1099 income and associated tax benefits (writing things off a business expenses, contributing to 401K beyond your W2 job, etc). I have a decent W2 job but they give limited opportunity for overtime and of course I'm...
  3. M

    Are locums rates really declining?

    I am thinking of quitting and doing locums for a bit, mainly for scheduling reasons. I keep seeing posts that locums rates are declining. Would anyone care to elaborate? Veers? Emergent? Bueller?
  4. S

    Locums Dentist Needed!

    Good morning, I represent different clients nationwide. If you are interested in customizing your schedule and life I would love to talk more. Whether looking for sporadic coverage, part time work, or fulltime work we have it all. Most jobs cover travel and lodging as well. Wanting to travel...
  5. D

    Psych Locums Conflicting Numbers

    When reading discussions on here it seems psych locums gigs pay maybe a little more than 100/hr. Of course location and other factors affect these numbers, but the impression I get is that if money were the only factor, one could reliably work year-round at around 150/hr. Then I see things like...
  6. S

    Locums agencies...

    I have some questions about the economics of locums companies- Does anyone know how much of a premium companies charge hospitals over the physician fee? Is it 50%? 100% Do they bill hospitals separately for licenses, room, and board or is it rolled into a general fee? Do hospitals prefer to...