1. squiggle2017

    Designating a LOE to a school post-submission (Early Decision issues)

    So, I applied ED to an MD school and, at the time of submission, I had three LOE already into the system and one that had been created but I wasn't sure if the professor was ever going to get around to writing the letter or not. Rather than assigning the letter to the school only to find out I...
  2. squiggle2017

    Possible mistakes in a LOE

    I recently received a LOE from my research PI and all seemed well. I had previously asked him about a friend of his who is a doctor in a very rural part of the state because I was interested in shadowing him. However, this doctor is no longer practicing, so he sent out some emails to try and...
  3. P

    Re-applying LOE and Personal Statement

    I am reapplying, I retook the DAT and my GPA went up since I applied last. Do I need new LOE or can I use the old ones, and do I need to write a whole new personal statement or can I just edit my previous one?
  4. A

    Research Mentor also got PI to write a letter as well...

    So I assigned my research mentor as one of my recommenders for all of the schools I will be applying to. After he submitted his letter, he let me know that he had asked our PI to cosign the letter to add more "umph" to the letter since he is pretty well known in his field. Instead of simply...
  5. H

    What if I send a LOE that has not yet been received to a med school and the writer doesn't send it

    I have to decide whether or not to send a particular research letter to a medschool. I have created the letter profile in AMCAS, but want to know what will happen if I choose to send it to a medschool and the writer doesn't send it or sends it VERY LATE. Do medical schools look at the letters...
  6. H

    Examples of shadowing LOE?

    Hello! I recently asked a physician that I shadowed for a letter of recommendation for medical school (I know I'm a little late in asking, but better late than never!). He is a very busy physician and asked for an example of a shadowing letter so that he could have a better of idea of how/what...