Research Mentor also got PI to write a letter as well...

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Jun 29, 2016
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So I assigned my research mentor as one of my recommenders for all of the schools I will be applying to. After he submitted his letter, he let me know that he had asked our PI to cosign the letter to add more "umph" to the letter since he is pretty well known in his field. Instead of simply cosigning the letter my mentor had written, he wrote his own letter too and when they submitted it to AMCAS, they submitted both under one continuous PDF file since I had not listed my PI as one of my recommenders.

I have no reservations that my PI wrote a good letter on my behalf since I have a good relationship with him, but I was wondering what AdComs will think if they see two letters from a single entry? Will it be weird if they view it as 2 separate letters, and therefore pushes my letter count above the Max Letters for a certain school?

I realize AdComs will read all letters, but I don't want it to seem like I did not follow directions or tried to circumvent the max letter thing. I'm glad my PI wrote on my behalf for sure, but just a little paranoid as many pre-meds are about random little things like this.