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  1. C

    DPT 2022 cycle

    Hey guys, This is my first time applying to DPT programs and I have been through the wringer to get to this point. I graduated with a BS in Kinesiology in 2018, but with pretty low cumulative GPA . So, for the last 3 years I have retaken a bunch of courses and prerequisites I didn’t do well on...
  2. D

    GPA's, GRE's, XTRA's, ACCEPTANCES!!! Those with low scores please post too!

    I need everyone to post their undergrad university( if you want), Overall and Science GPA, Ex-Cir, Acceptance, Rejection, and Interview!! Those who had low scores and got accepted are encouraged to post to make other people not feel discouraged! Thanks GPA's, GRE's, XTRA's, ACCEPTANCES
  3. L

    General Admissions & OTCAS reqs good enough?

    Stats for Washington schools?
  4. Cheezy89

    How to get to PT school with low GPA!

    Your grades may be low but it is not impossible. I did it and so can you. Of course your chances are low, of course it is hard but I had the lowest stats you could possibly imagine and now I am a first year PT student. This thread is to inspire applicants to chase their dream of becoming...
  5. P

    Minimum GRE score, but awesome everything else

    GRE: V=151, Q=152, W=4.5 GPA: 3.91, Major: Health Science/Minor: Chemistry Hours in PT experience: 150+ Worked as an assistant for 1 year with medical school professor who teaches rheumatology. Gone on 2 medical mission trips to Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Volunteer experiences, Global...
  6. O

    Other OT-Related Information low GPA, GRE- I GOT ACCEPTED! And I want to help YOU!

    I'm typing this on my phone, so I apologize if it is written poorly: It wasn't until after I graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing from a state school in 2011 that I realized my real dream was to become an OT. So, I had what I would call a slow start to my path to becoming an OT: MY...
  7. spaceturtle

    GRE Experience- People with anxiety (not test anxiety)