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  1. W

    Low NBME Scores

    Hey everyone, USMD 2 here currently FREAKING OUT. I've gotten all As and Bs in my classes and did well on some NBME subject exams (anatomy/embryo, neuro, physio, not so hot on biochem but still ok). Then didn't do so well (below 50th percentile on everything - path, pharm, behavioral, sciences...
  2. J

    MD Neurology Residency in California with 215 step 1 score

    Hi everyone, I am a third year medical student in the south where I grew up. My family recently moved to California LA area and I would like to live close to my family. I did pretty terrible and got 215 for step 1 score, and I was wondering how competitive neurology programs are in LA area. Do...
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  4. M

    Should I apply IM? 209/249 step scores from Ross University

    Hello, I currently go to Ross University in the Caribbean, and got my STEP 2 CK score back, and am now wondering if I should apply to IM? After receiving 209 on STEP1, I was very disappointed and thought that Family Medicine might be the only route for me, unless I really did well on CK. I got...
  5. SexyHotScholar

    Official 2016 - 2017 IM WAMC Thread

    Hey everyone, AMG/URM here for low-mid tier med school interested in an academic program as I want to specialize. Stats Step 1 - 218 Step 2 CK - 249 Step 2 CS - pass Third year - pass all. Honors in 2, not IM. Clinical honors in IM Sub-I. Research with presentations Publication pending I...
  6. psychdoc222

    USMLE Need some advice

    Would appreciate inputs on psychiatry programs that give more focus on psychotherapy.