1. whitecoatwonderz

    Non-traditional, low cGPA

    I am a 21 yo currently finishing my 4th year of undergrad. I currently work full time as a scribe in the ED and a cardiology clinic. I have worked full time throughout my college career to pay as much of my way through. I have not had the smoothest undergraduate career but will be graduating...
  2. TheSuperColider

    MD & DO 2 F on my transcript, easy classes

    Got 2 F's, one in music history and the other in intro to English. My BCPM is 3.8 and cGPA is 3.5 (3.7 cGPA after grade replacement, which doesn't count) My transcript shows a clear upward trend, where I literally got all A's in every science (except orgo2 which was a B+) my junior and senior...
  3. D

    Serious GPA Repair and Strategy Advice

    Hi, so this is long overdue but my own pride and denial prevented me from viewing my situation as realistically as possible. I attended a Top 15 undergraduate university, and I have great leadership, lab research, and shadowing experience. However, I have a sGPA of a 2.57 with 77 credits...