1. ThatPsyGuy

    ASWB Licensure Exam No Longer Needed For LSW in Illinois (At both a B.A. & M.A. level)

    I was chatting with a friend of mine who is a graduate student in a Social Workers program in Illinois. They mentioned how taking the licensing exam is no longer required to become an LSW with your BSW or MSW starting in 2022 there due to SB1632. I was somewhat torn on this. In one aspect, it...
  2. P

    IRB Approved Study on Clinician Experiences with Conducting Suicide Risk Assessments and Interventions

    Dear Clinicians, My name is Sydney Cople and I’m a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Northern Colorado. I’m currently conducting an IRB-approved dissertation research study on clinician experiences of performing suicide risk assessments and...
  3. studentcounselor

    Licensed Professional counseling prospects

    I am currently entering the internship phase of my LPC program, though I am excited about graduating and starting my career, I am a feeling a little discouraged. I currently work in the field as a therapeutic day treatment counselor, and I enjoy it. However, I am looking forward to being able...
  4. L

    Which graduate degree should I pursue?

    Hi Everyone!, I am very interested in one day opening my own private practice and/or joining a firm. I am trying to find the best path. There is a lot to consider regarding different schools of thought, length of time, cost, job market, and projected salary. I am trying to find the quickest...
  5. B

    LPC Supervision Questions (Pennsylvania)

    Anyone have any personal experiences to share about getting their hours for LPC in PA? Does anyone know of opportunities in the Philly area for getting supervision? Thanks!
  6. P


    I was looking in the online system and it looks like I was rejected outright for the LMFT Master's program at TWU. I'm rather baffled as my stats were, I thought, good enough to place me high up on the acceptance list. I'm trying to sort out what happened so I can shore up application...
  7. D

    Difficulty understanding Maryland licensing requirements for supervision

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this board, currently deciding whether to apply to counseling or social work programs and where to apply. Part of my research involves looking at the licensing requirements for different states, as I imagine I will want to practice close to where I went to school, since...
  8. H

    Can a LPC practice hire a psychiatrist?

    Where can I find state law for the corporate practice of medicine?
  9. D

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters - School Choices

    I'm a career changer looking to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pittsburgh, PA. There are four CACREP accredited master's programs in Pittsburgh to choose from, and I'm wondering if anyone can speak to their experience in any of these programs, if there are any thoughts on their...
  10. Philton88

    MA/MS School Counselor VS LPC

    I want to start by saying I know there was a similar thread posted here but school counseling never seemed to be adequately addressed on that thread. I just wrapped up a series of applications to clinical mental health counseling programs across the country (NJ,OR,RI,VA,NC). Unfortunately, I...
  11. M

    MA/MS MSc from foreign graduate school - useless for state counseling license?

    I'm considering an MSc in Counselling Psychology program in the United Kingdom, specifically at the University of Keele. My current goal is to be a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the state of North Carolina. NC's LPCA requirements are pretty clear and it'd be easy for me to verify...
  12. F

    MA/MS LPC and LCPC

    Hello, I don't believe that I have seen anything about the difference between these two licenses on here, but of course my apologies if there is a similar thread. Also please leave me a link to such a thread if it exists. I am wondering if Maine is the only state that has a LCPC licensure and...
  13. L

    LPC requesting feedback from community re: Private Practice

    Hello all, I am very interested in feedback from Psychiatry med students and Psychiatrists practicing in various settings (Private Practice, Hospitals, etc.) regarding some research for a future Private Practice (Fall 2016). First off, I am a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor in the...