1. A

    ACOM vs. LUCOM Help!

    I’ve been accepted to both schools, and I’m having trouble deciding. Please share any wisdom you may have on this topic, or about either school. Please keep advice as objective as possible, and please no hate about LUCOM being religious. I already know it is a Christian school.
  2. Spotts.A

    General Advice on picking a school (ICOM, LUCOM, NSU KPCOM, VCOM (LA))

    Hello, I am new to the site and this is my first time applying to medical school. I have been lucky enough to be accepted at multiple schools, but now I am running into the issue of choosing which school to attend. I've taken notes and done fairly extensive research on each school and I have...
  3. B

    ACOM vs LUCOM(upcoming interviews worth going to)

    Hi team, I have been accepted to two programs, ACOM and LUCOM. ACOM -is more expensive ~50,000 -pretty rural city in Dothan -literally no Asians or Asian markets -pretty good rotation sites around the hospital(the city has two bigger hospitals) -dress code -lectures are mandatory...
  4. J


    I have been accepted to both LUCOM and PCOM-GA. I am torn between the two and have to make a decision ASAP! Any input would be greatly appreciated. LUCOM Pros: Staff is friendly and helpful. Genuinely cares about their students 6 weeks dedicated study time for boards Lower tuition and cost of...
  5. nackbaxster14

    Louisville vs LUCOM; An MD vs. DO school for an aspiring EM doc

    I have been accepted at the University of Louisville (MD program) and the four-year-old Liberty University of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) (DO program). I loved both of them and would be happy attending either. However, there a few factors I need some help on. As of now, I want to go into...
  6. TentativelyHopeful

    Insights choosing a school?

    Hi everyone, As the first of my deadlines are approaching, I would just like to get some feedback on some schools. I got accepted to LUCOM, WVSOM, CUSOM, LMU-DCOM, KYCOM, MUCOM, AND RVUCOM. I still have an interview at KCU and PNWU-COM, but I don't think I can afford the plane tickets to fly...
  7. O


    Suppose that you received acceptance from all three schools (ACOM, LUCOM and WCUCOM), which school would you choose, and why? Thank you.
  8. Noisewater-TDX

    LUCOM Class of 2021 (Liberty)

    Reserved - All things LUCOM 2021 related. We start July 31st 2017.
  9. Alienman52

    Interviewing for the "Experience?"

    Hi all, I have been fortunate enough this cycle to have a DO acceptance in hand. Needless to say I am elated, however, I'm having difficulty deciding if I should attend two of my other interviews. I have an acceptance at ACOM, and interviews at LUCOM and BCOM. IMHO, I think LUCOM is a pretty...
  10. F

    Liberty University Biomedical Sciences Program vs PCOM-GA Biomed Program

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum this is my first post. I was accepted to Liberty University's 2 year Biomedical sciences program which is 39 credit hours $580/hr. I was told I would be given a guaranteed acceptance into LUCOM if I maintain a 3.5 in the program and receive a 500 MCAT. 20 students...
  11. J

    Liberty University encouraging armed student body and Islamaphobia?

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/liberty-university-president-guns_566348bfe4b08e945fefc8a0 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/liberty-university-president-guns_566348bfe4b08e945fefc8a0 Liberty University President Tells Students To Bring Guns To Campus He said, "I've always thought if more...