1. premed20172017

    *****Official 2019-2020 Interview Food Review Thread!!! *****

    It’s that time, folks! The time we can all pretend to be Yelp Elite and offer our insights into the world of cold cuts (aka interview food). Have at it! Edit: Due to the success and interest of this thread, please continue to update the thread! Also, @aspiringdoctor87 made a form (MD/DO Food...
  2. D

    Part time Scribe needed in Plano, TX Area

    We are looking for a fast and energetic scribe, to help a doctor in one or two facilities. The Scribe provides real-time charting for the provider by shadowing the provider throughout their schedule and performs a variety of tasks. Free daily lunch will be provided! Qualifications...
  3. G

    Celiac disease -- affects on interview day

    Hello, this is a very strange question, but can anyone tell me if asking for certain dietary requests will annoy admissions? I have celiac disease and need to request an appropriate meal. In my email in doing so should I offer to bring my own meal? I hate having to tell people this especially...
  4. N

    Does anyone know where to find Walgreens stores by district?

    Walgreens did some re-districting during the past year. Does anyone know where I can find out which stores used to be in certain districts before things were changed. Greatly appreciated.