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    Non-malignant community residencies in NYC?

    Hey everyone -- post-match has got me thinking about residency, and I think it could be a cool experience to do residency in NYC for a few years. That said, I definitely have an interest in outpatient peds (that is, practicing right after residency) and have heard that some of the bigger...
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    Ophthalmology residencies

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    Avoid Maimonides Surgery program unless you want to be abused. It is a Malignant program.

    I think of myself as a unbiased Ortho resident, not part of surgical program at Maimonides. I'm just speaking up here as there are too many inappropriate things happening in surgical program. I feel really bad for the people in this program. I believe the residents have brought it up to ACGME...
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    Bad Family Medicine Programs - BEWARE!

    I wanted to start this thread due to the lack of information out there for DO students looking for red flags of the many family medicine residencies out there. Some residencies may look OK on paper but may be a nightmare in reality - I couldn't find many resources or threads that address this...
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    Brigham (BWH) and MGH malignant and resident abuse?

    hey guys! I’m a radiology applicant and recently interviewed at the boston programs for diagnostic radiology and I was shocked at what I heard during my interview day by residents. I would love some comments from other applicants or current residents. So during my interview day compared to...
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    MD & DO Plastics Program Reviews

    Hi all, can anyone recommend which Integrated Plastics residency programs might be good for students interested in Global surgery, mission trips and research overseas? Thanks in advance!
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    Maimonides Surgery is very abusive and malignant. Avoid it at all costs!

    I read a post at SDN about how Maimonides medical center surgical residency program is abusive to its residents, and how it is so malignant. I wanted to re confirm what that person wrote and add to it. The original posting can be found here: Maimonides Surgery, Malignant Program? To start...
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    Malignant Programs?

    How do you know if a program is malignant? Obviously it won't be listed on FREIDA...so how would you find out? A Google search??? Rumors heard from others?? How you feel about the program at the interview???