1. F

    How should I manage my applications this summer?

    Hi everyone, As the title states, Im not sure how I should manage my summer with apps coming this cycle. I am currently working as an acute PT Tech at a very large hospital with a very supportive manager that will also help me obtain observation hours in other clinics. My current issue is that...
  2. M

    MPH Health Management / Administration Fellowships

    Hello, I am a MD and will start my MPH in Health Management at Harvard next month, expecting to graduate in May 2018. I am considering doing a 1-2 year health administration / management fellowship from a top-tier hospital (Mass General, John Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic etc.) vs...
  3. I

    Timing for Letters of Recommendation

    Hello! I have set my sights on becoming an optometrist for a while now. I am currently finishing my 2nd semester as a sophomore at UCBerkeley. I am also a part-time receptionist at an optometry clinic nearby and I have been working there for roughly half a year now. Coincidentally, the doctors...
  4. D

    Post-MBA career

    I'm an anesthesia resident in my second year and I have enrolled in a 2-year MBA program (Healthcare management). I'm currently considering what will I do after graduating. I would like to finish my residency which will last for 5-6 years. Maybe a part-time job in management will work. I...
  5. G

    Clinician Leadership

    Hi all. I'm writing a research paper for my Health Administration class and I want to get a feel about how you all feel about clinician leadership. What are the problems that having clinicians in leadership solve? How do you all feel is the best way for more clinical/business/management...
  6. DansStudentDocRole

    Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances to get into a great med school?

    To Whom It May Concern: Hi. I'm premed. I'm a college senior. I work as a NY hospital nurse attenant and I'm about to become a Union Delegate (healthcare insurance Workers pay organization). Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances into getting accepted into a medical school? I ask...