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    Marian's Master's of Biomedical Sciences (2018-2019)

    I wanted to make this thread to give anyone thinking of coming to Marian's MBS program a chance to know the truth beforehand. Overall: Would I recommend the program to anyone? No. I attended Marian's BMS program, like many students in the class, to better prepare my application for medical...
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    Hey guys- Thank you for your advice in advanced. I'm so confused on what school to pick and my gut feeling changes every day. I definitely need some insight and unbiased opinions. I grew up in Indiana (Marian is 2 hours from home) and I did my undergrad in Colorado (so I have a strong support...
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    What school should I accept an offer to?

    I'm feeling extremely confused about what school to accept an offer to. Marian University vs KYCOM. I'm from Indiana but did my undergrad far away. I think being close to home would be of benefit but is not a huge factor. I also don't mind a small, rural setting and I like being outdoors...
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    Marian BMS vs. Touro Harlem MS

    Hello everyone, I was recently accepted into both the Marian BMS program and Touro Harlem MS. I’m very conflicted on which to choose and would really like some advice, especially from anyone who has done either of these programs. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.15 and a science GPA of 3.35 with...
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    Philadephia Vs Kansas Vs Marian University for the DO Program?

    Hello Everyone, I am currently a four year undergraduate student in Canada (Ontario). I am planning on applying to a DO program in the USA... The purpose of creating this thread is to gather some information on which USA Universities provide the best DO Programs, in terms of facilities...