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Mar 28, 2017
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Hey guys- Thank you for your advice in advanced. I'm so confused on what school to pick and my gut feeling changes every day. I definitely need some insight and unbiased opinions.

I grew up in Indiana (Marian is 2 hours from home) and I did my undergrad in Colorado (so I have a strong support system there too). I would love to be in Colorado because I'm big on being outdoors. However, I know I'll be busy in med school so being in Indiana will also be okay with me.

Similarities: P/F grading, non-mandatory lectures, systems based curriculum, strong placements into residencies, strong board scores.

Tracks are interesting- would definitely be interested in applying to a track, also interested in anatomy and OMM fellowships

Cons: For Profit (Is this really a big deal? would love some insight)
Lottery system for rotations (although I don't mind moving so this doesn't really matter to me)- only worried about rotations being spread out so that

Strong partnerships with hospitals in Indy for rotations
Cons: I'm not really excited about staying in Indiana and would likely try to do my fourth year out of state and residency out of Indiana.

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if you're interested in track and wants to go into surgery possibly, RVU for sure for anatomy. Their body suit looks really cool and def RVU if you're thinking of surgery. I didn't like how small RVU was compare to MUCOM and the cost was a bit more expensive so i just went with MUCOM
So I can only speak of RVU. Lots of students do go out and enjoy the outdoors (skiing, hiking, etc.) quite often. People carpool together and there are groups formed on FB in the beginning of the year to organize that kind of stuff. I would say that the Anatomy instructors and fellows here are awesome. Also, something I learned is if you're fellow, you can get priority for staying in Denver for your rotations (pretty sweet in my opinion - if you want to stay local and like the city). The tracks are cool too, although some are more developed than others. The urban and underserved tract just began this year. Don't know much about rotations (1st yr) but I know at least half of the students do get to stay in the Denver area.