masters programs

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    Turn down a MD acceptance for an MS

    I was accepted to an md program off the waitlist at a school I really don't want to go to (for a lot of reasons, location, school, ect.). I know, looking back, that I should not have applied there, but I can not go back and undo it and now I am accepted. As a backup plan while waiting to hear...
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    MS in medical physiology at Case Western vs. IMS at Drexel (2018-2019)

    I was accepted into both the MS in medical physiology at Case Western and the IMS at Drexel for this coming year. I am not sure which to pick. My eventual goal is medical school. I am looking for any information on either as well as anything to help decide between the two, especially from anyone...
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    SMP for Pre Dental for Fall 17

    Hi everyone, I know its very late right now but I am desperately looking for a SMP for pre dental (possibly a postbac program). I know application deadlines are usually in early June or July, does anyone know if there are any programs that are accepting applications as of now? Or rolling...
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    Rocky Vista College of Osteopathic Medicine Masters Program

    I have recently been accepted into Rocky Vistas Masters in Biomedical Science program, Is there anyone that is currently in the program that can give me some information regarding how they like it and if it is preparing them well for medical school? I understand it is a brand new program.
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    Masters in Neuroscience, potential pathway to PhD?

    I am currently debating attending a master's of neuroscience in Europe and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I am interested in clinical neuropsychology but realized during a PhD interview/prospective student weekend that clinical neuropsychology programs appear to neglect the...
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    Advice on Masters or SMP? Low GPA

    Disclaimer: I know a ton of these exist and I truly apologize. I've read so many but I'm still stuck. I am a recent graduate and I completed my undergrad Biology degree with a cumGPA of 2.75 and a sGPA of 2.7. Clearly my GPA is awful and I attribute it to laziness along with culture shock. I...