match day

  1. medshousing

    Renting Toronto, ONtario Furnished The Junction Stunning Private Master Suit+Private Bathroom+Laundry+ All included-Available Now-Short and Long term ok.

    "The Junction" Toronto Listing # 1280 MedsHousing.com Description - APARTMENT: 1200 square feet+3 bright bedrooms + 2 spacious bathrooms+ laundry + large balcony and ammenities. Beautiful lake view and amazing sunsets...
  2. M

    Match day celebration ideas

    Anyone have some fun match day plans while on lock down at home during this pandemic?
  3. oldbearprofessor

    Match Day 2019 edition

    Posted as I do every year in some form. In honor of those who will match into pediatrics on March 15, 2019 Just another day now..:scared: Let us know today where you're going to spend the next 3 years. As you open your envelope and see that you won the match day lottery, and got the place of...
  4. S

    Match Day Coming - Anyone else freaking out?

    My husband is a 4th year medical student, graduating in May - finally ! :) AOA Match Day is in T-2 Weeks. I know they are crazy stressed, since its their career. But, are any other spouses out there just as stressed as I am? I am constantly reading about how matching works, scramble, post...
  5. J

    What happens on Match Day and thereafter?

    Two questions: 1. What information do we get on Match Day? Is it just the location of the program? Do we get a welcome letter or something? 2. How does the program we matched to initiate contact after match day, and when does that happen?
  6. P

    Rotation Attendance On Match Day

    Is anyone taking the day off of rotation for match day? I'm thinking if I do match I'll be too excited to focus on patient care and if I don't match I'll need to put all my energy into phase II match. Thoughts or previous experience with this?
  7. 0

    Match Day 2016!!

    Alright here we go!!:soexcited: Help everyone out, what time did you get word of your match results?:corny: Good Luck Everyone!!!
  8. txmed73

    One Interview -- Match Day

    Say you have only one interview and interview season is over. Then you match that one school as #1 on TMDSAS. On Match Day, can you still be rejected by that school?