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  1. F

    Where to apply?

    Hi all. I'm a third year biology undergrad applying this 2019 cycle, and am struggling on deciding where the right places to apply to are, considering there are so many choices and I've had conflicting opinions from different people on where I should. Here are some of my stats: -roughly 3.8...
  2. Dox4lyfe

    Jack westin for cars?

    Is the jack Westin course actually worth taking. I know it apparently helps a lot, but I wanted to know if it's "worth" it. I haven't started studying for the mcat yet, but I'm pretty sure that cars would be my weakest point. As follow up questions: 1. At what point do I know for sure I should...
  3. B

    For those with high MCAT scores?

    Hello, I really need some advice on how to study for the new MCAT. I have a 3.7 GPA, more than 300 hours of clinical research, 300 hours of non clinical research, been in a couple of clubs, and have done some community volunteering. There's just one problem. I bombed the MCAT - got a 499. I...