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    SIU MEDPREP 2019

    Hey future MEDPREP class of 2021. Rising SIU SOM MS2 here that just finished up in Carbondale and currently struggling to pack for Springfield, IL. If it was not for this program I would not be 1) in medical school or 2) successful in medical school. This program is absolutely amazing and I am...
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    3 Science classes+MCAT or summer school?

    I'm having some trouble making a decision about my course schedule next year. I was originally planning on taking orgo I and physics I in Fall 2017 and orgo II, physics II and biochem in Spring 2018 while preparing for the spring MCAT. However, I'm starting to have doubts about whether 3 science...
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    Light course load for MCAT studying

    Hey guys! I've done some looking on these forums regarding this topic but I was hoping to get some advice regarding my particular situation. Essentially, I am wondering if it is frowned upon for me to take a pretty light course load while I study for the MCAT. I am a junior now and am planning...
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    MCAT Preparation

    I found some helpful MCAT Video Lessons on Youtube by PreMedHQ. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts?
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    Will begin prep for MCAT Summer 2018 but have 2 questions regarding it

    Hi, Two questions, please, I'm certain I will finish my prereq classes for MCAT preparation by Spring 2018, but I'm not sure what I should be doing whilst studying for MCAT in the summer. Should I also be preparing my application to medical schools? I'm not sure of the timeline for those...