1. I

    High MCAT - Unique Strategies?

    Hello there, There is obviously no one good way to make a high MCAT score, and I understand that there are basic principles you need to follow: do your practice exams, study consistently, etc... But I am looking for any specifics that may have helped you understand the "language" that the MCAT...
  2. MCATdisciple

    How to Approach MCAT Research-Based Passages

    Hello, my name is Laureano Andrade Vicenty and I scored a 518 on the new 2016 MCAT. I created this video describing my approach for research-based passages. I call it the disciple method. I hope you find it useful!
  3. D

    TBR physics electricity circuits Phase II passage III

    Hi can someone help me with this question please! It's a passage but I will type out the part that we need: they gave us a circuit with a power supply- a resistor R1 and a capacitor with a solution of cell suspended in a solution known as a dielectric constant: they are talking about...
  4. T

    For Sale MCAT TBR 2016 Edition Set

  5. afterallthistime

    For Sale Selling Brand New Complete 2016 TPR MCAT Set $60 (for whole set)

    Selling complete 2016 BRAND NEW set of TPR books! Never been used. $60 CARS Workbook SOLD PM if interested!
  6. H

    Do I have a Chance?

    Hello everyone. I'm creating this post due to my concerns of getting accepted to an Allopathic, (M.D), Medical School. I writing this because I want honest opinions from students and physicians to see if I still have a shot. In my first two years of Undergrad, I did very well in my MD...
  7. F

    MCAT 2016 raw score to scaled score

    Hi, does anyone know either how to or of a chart/website to convert raw scores to scaled scores (For new MCAT 2015/2016) Thanks!
  8. Roayer

    People Who retook the Sample/Scored

    Hi. For people who retook the sample and scored for a second time at least a month after they took it for the first time would you mind posting your retake scores and actual MCAT score. I'm trying to see how it correlated to your real score. A few people (myself including) are wondering...
  9. F

    NEED ADVICE .. What to do during the last month before MCAT?

    Hi fellow pre-meds, So I have been following my self constructed study plan for my MCAT test of April 1,2016. I have been rigorously studying since August 2015. I have done a extensive content review and have taken couple of AAMC practice exam. Now I am down to the last month of my prep and was...