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    Hey guys, I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to both schools. I got pulled off the waitlist at UCONN recently and now have a tough choice. UCONN is about 1 hour from my house, Rush is a 2 hour flight. I'm excited to move to chicago and start new there, but also worried that i'll get...
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    NRMP Waiver Request

    Hypothetical situation: Applicant scrambles into a prelim position during SOAP. Another program in NRMP offers applicant a categorical position after the SOAP ends. Applicant has not signed any paperwork outside of the SOAP. What should the applicant do? What are the chances of a waiver...
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    Is it a bad idea to apply to both PA and MD programs at the same time even if the schools are diff.?

    Hello, I have a bit of a dilemma. I have debated endlessly on which is better for me: PA or MD. I ended up picking PA mainly because of the three following reasons: 1. Tuition and loan costs 2. Stress of profession is less 3. Flexibility with specialties However, the thought that I might be...
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    High School Honor Code Violation

    Hello everyone, I'm a second year student at *insert university name here* and I've been worried sick for the past few years about something that, I feel, severely reduced my chances of getting into any medical school even before I started college. I took a college class at my high school in...
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    3.9 GPA, 504 MCAT

    Hello all, I am hoping to receive advice concerning my chances for MD school. 3.9 GPA (both science and cumulative) 504 MCAT I have many EC, including volunteering and shadowing pediatrics in a hospital. I also have an internship at a hospital now. With other volunteer work, I tutor at my...
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    Where to apply with 124 in CARS?

    Hey guys, first post on SDN and was hoping to get your opinion. I'm a Canadian applicant looking to apply to the States after an unsuccessful round with Canadian schools and was hoping some of you would be kind enough to give me your opinion on which schools to apply to for MD. Current stats...
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    Advice needed: MD in bad location but good $$ VS expensive MD in great city

    Hello, I've been lurking around pre-allo for a while. I would love any advice/suggestions SDNers have on making my school decisions. I'm a CA resident, and hoping to return to practice in CA. My life goal is to work for the medically underserved because I came from such backgrounds. I THINK I...