3.9 GPA, 504 MCAT

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hello all,

I am hoping to receive advice concerning my chances for MD school.

3.9 GPA (both science and cumulative)
504 MCAT

I have many EC, including volunteering and shadowing pediatrics in a hospital. I also have an internship at a hospital now. With other volunteer work, I tutor at my local library and teach English to overseas students from many countries. I am a TA at my university and also teach the recitations for many subjects including chemistry, calculus, and biology. I am also in the honors program at my school. I have taken courses from many disciplines, all of which I have received an A grade.

I also have many research experiences. I have done research in biology, which I have presented at a research conference. I have worked on 3 chemistry research projects, one of which is graduate level.

As you can see, I feel like my MCAT score unbalances my application, but I will not have another opportunity to correct the score this cycle as I will be out of the country.

Do I have a shot at MD, especially state schools?

Thank you.