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  1. 36MD

    University of Sydney 2017 MD

    Hey everyone! Was anyone here interviewed for the 2016 class given admission into the 2017 class? I'm checking to see if you've received any correspondence from USyd and were you given certain deadlines to meet? Also, anyone know of bursaries/scholarships available to Canadian students hoping to...
  2. T

    Help me figure out things plz

    MA resident. Interested in psychiatry. Here are my stats: -Cumulative GPA: 3.61 -Science GPA: 3.52 (2 W's, retook for A-'s) -MCAT Scores: 26, 507, 516 -Research: 12 months linguistics/cognitive neuroscience, 8 month neuropsych with poster presentation, secondary author in a textbook chapter...
  3. O

    Received my MCAT score today and a bit disappointed. What should I do.

    Hi all, I received my MCAT score today and am pretty disappointed in it. The breakdown goes like this: Total: 505 Chem/Phys: 129 CARS: 125 Bio/Biochem: 128 Psych: 123 I am a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry major with a minor in Chemistry (Involves taking Physical Chemistry) with 3.95 GPA...
  4. H

    What is the character count/limit of the MD-PhD prompts on AMCAS?

    How many essays are required for the MD-PhD application on AMCAS? What's the character count/limit on each essay? THANKS!!!
  5. S

    California Northstate College of Medicine vs TUCOMCA vs AZCOM

    Accepted to these 3 schools. AZCOM vs TUCOMCA seems to be discussed quite a bit on SDN so I'll save that issue, but what about CNUCOM? I am skeptical of CNUCOM because it is so new and has not gained full accreditation yet for clinical rotations (if I recall correct). But if it does gain...
  6. M

    MD & DO What schools do you recommend?

    I am getting ready to apply to MD and DO school this upcoming cycle and would like some help on figuring out some schools I should apply to given my stats: State of Residence: Utah cGPA: 3.64 sGPA: 3.58 MCAT: 498 For the most part I have competitive ECs. I have a strong background in...
  7. D

    Update Letter?

    Hey guys, I am currently a senior at Wake Forest University with a 3.4 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA, and 512 MCAT. I was a little late getting my secondaries submitted so I'm still waiting to hear back from most of my schools about interview invites. Of the schools I applied to, I have been rejected...
  8. H

    Tentative School List!!! For 2016-2017 Cycle

    Hello! My undergrad GPAs are on the lower side (cum 3.5 sci 3.45)....but I have been told that my 4.0 in post-bacc classes and 4.0 graduate GPA, as well as a very strong upward trend in my undergrad GPA (Almost all A's aside from freshman year) should not keep me from applying. I am working on...