1. D

    Sidney Kimmel Medical College: MD-MBA/MHA or MD/MPH?

    Hello folks, I have recently gotten admission to my dream medical school and now upon more research, I found a few different areas of study I would like to look into as well (offered by the school). Either I can work on an MBA/MHA or I can work on an MPH in association with my medical degree...
  2. S

    Applying to MD/MPH programs - now or later?

    I'm planning on applying to MD programs within the next few weeks with the goal of pursuing an MD/MPH. Would it be wise to select the combined MD/MPH option for some schools on my AMCAS app, or apply to regular MD programs and apply for MPH in med school? Or does it not matter? A few students...
  3. G

    Deferring undergrad loans for an MD/MPH

    Hi SDNers, So ideally, I'd like to do an MD/MPH program. From what I've heard, these typically take 5 years to complete. Upon graduation, I'll be in ~$50+ worth of debt (85% private, 15% fed). I'd like to defer repayment during med school but given my private lender limits in-school deferment...
  4. F4rbod

    Phd vs Masters in health economics after MD/MPH

    Hello dear friends, I'm a 5th year MD/MPH student in Iran (MD is a 7-year undergrad degree here so I will finish after 2 years). also FYI we do MPH while doing MD and this doesn't extend the duration of the MD. I have a strong interest in the topics of health economics and health-care management...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Meet Harvard MD/MPH Student and Premed Podcaster Mary Tate [Episode 257]

    Our guest today is soon-to-be doctor Mary Tate and current 4th year medical student at Harvard Medical School. Mary graduated from Dartmouth in 2012 and has been at HMS since 2013. She was very active at Dartmouth and continued to be a change agent at HMS. In 2017 she earned her MPH at Harvard’s...
  6. M

    Miami (MD/MPH) vs FIU (MD)

    Thanks for clicking. It sounds like an obvious choice but please hear me out: Miami MD/MPH Pros - MPH is nice for primary care residencies - Great match list for UM in general (no specifics for this program's performance) - Relationship with UM for residencies - Great students and staff -...
  7. H

    UMiami MD vs MD/MPH

    Hey all, After only getting DO acceptances, I'm happy to finally have received my first choice MD acceptance! I have been accepted to both the MD and MD/MPH programs, but have only weeks to decide which I would rather attend. I'm really interested in hearing the difference in training aswell...
  8. MedSmithie

    What "counts" as research?- Do I have to work in a professor's lab?

    Sorry if this has been posted before- I looked around and couldn't really find a helpful answer. I know that having research experience is important for medical school admissions, and I'm currently kind of confused about what medical schools are interested in seeing, plus I've gotten a lot of...
  9. L

    Do you stop practicing medicine when you start pursuing public health research with an MD/MPH?

    I'm currently interested in an MD/MPH, but I wasn't sure what a future career with this dual degree looked like. If I'm interested in later helping form health policies or doing public health research for the underserved community, am I able to do this while still being a practicing physician?
  10. A

    Value of an MPH?

    I have received an acceptance and nice merit scholarship to a 4 year MD/MPH program (scholarship is only for the MPH). However, completing the MPH will still add decent amount of debt to my name (~35,000), and 100% of my MD degree is being covered in loans as well. I am particularly interested...
  11. L

    What can I do with an MD/MPH?

    Hey Everyone, 2nd year medical student here. Going to pursue an MD/MPH between 2nd and 3rd year. I hope to choose either Epidemiology or Health Policy as my MPH concentration. My goal: Practice part time, work in a public health setting part time. Reap the joy of helping people directly on...
  12. GigasX4000

    What are all of the Medical Schools that have MD and MD/MPH apps viewed independently of each other?

    I know for UM Miller School of Medicine, if you apply MD and MD/MPH then your app gets considered for both programs but rejection/acceptance of one doesn't hinder your chances for the other. So essentially it'd be like applying to two schools in one and doubling your chances of attending the...
  13. LindaAccepted

    Medical Health, Justice, Advocacy & Yale's Dual MD/MPH Program

    This interview is the latest in an Accepted blog series featuring interviews with medical school applicants and students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at top medical schools and the med school application process. And now, introducing Tehreem Rehman… Accepted: We'd like to get to...
  14. J

    M.D after earning an MPH

    Hello everyone, I am a year behind on the application cycle due to a major change from History to Human Biology after my Freshman year. Due to this I decided to apply to a number of MPH programs and am into the University of Michigan's MPH program in environmental health science starting this...
  15. N

    Chance Me for MD/PhD Programs

    Hello All, I am contemplating whether or not I should apply to MD/PhD programs this June. If I didn't apply this cycle, I would most likely continue researching for my current PI and/or apply for the Post-Bac program at the NIH. I would then apply next year. My info is below, please let me...
  16. Chasing Never Land

    HELP!!! 4 year MD/MPH or MD @ U.Miami Miller SOM?

    Hi Everyone, I'm posting because I'm in a unique dilemma, and would truly value your advice. I was recently accepted to both the 4yr MD/MPH and regular MD programs at University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine. I know that this is a wonderful problem to have. I'm also scared sh*tless...