med school interview

  1. M

    3.2 GPA 521 MCAT

    Hello! I have quite a story haha I completed my associates degree with my high school diploma and my grades were not too great, I had multiple B's and C's and failed 2 classes (General Chem 2 and College Algebra) I continued onto university and I failed General Chem 2 again and Physics 1 I...
  2. queerMD

    Feminine-presenting interviewee wearing a tie?

    This is my first time posting, but I have an upcoming interview and would like to get opinions on my interview attire. First off, let me say the med school at which I’m interviewing is LGBTQ friendly, asking applicants their gender identities and preferred pronouns. On my application, in...
  3. ifnotnowwren

    Women's Interview Attire #4

    Hi all, the last interview clothing thread was created in 2011 and reached almost 5,000 messages. I thought it would be nice to create a new one and to have the first post include some common knowledge as gleaned from the previous threads. Special thanks to @DokterMom, @gyngyn, and @Winged...
  4. L

    Admissions Forum for Interested Pre-Med students (July 21, 2016)

    Hi everyone, SOWEGA-AHEC is hosting a free webinar for students interested in applying to medical school in the state of GA. All 5 medical schools (including the PCOM- DO) will be represented in this. Feel free to register for the webinar (see attached flyer for link) or if you're in the...
  5. F

    Physician Shortage Area Program at Sidney Kimmel Medical College

    Hello everyone! I applied to Jefferson's PSAP for this cycle and have not heard from them yet. I am still sitting with the "decision pending" portal status. I was wondering if any of you applied to PSAP or are currently completing it now, and if anyone can shed some light on the timeline of...
  6. P

    Wait-listed at UCSD SOM...Chances?!

    Got wait-listed at UCSD SOM...anyone know what the chances of getting an acceptance are?
  7. medheart

    2015 OHSU Pre-Med Thread

    I have an interview at OHSU this Friday morning. I am told it will be both MMIs and a one-on-one interview with an administrator. Does anyone have any pointers for the OHSU interview? Or MMIs in particular? Please and thank you.