medical lab science

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    Med lab tech

    Ik getting into medical school is much more competitive than getting into a Medical tech program but I feel like I already ruined my chances. I got a C in bio, chem lab, calc. I failed gen chem 1 so I'm gonna have to retake it and get a A but will any med tech program accept me with a C in lab...
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    MT with a bachelors of science?

    I'm going to get a bachelors of science in pyschology. Pursuing the bs path instead of ba requires me to take advanced courses like organic chem, stat, gen chem, anatomy so basically all the pre reqs to get into a med tech program. Can I apply with a bs in a non life science field since I'm...
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    Psychology or biology

    I really love pyschology so I'm considering it as a major. I'm currently a bio major. I thought bio was gonna be like high school but I feel like I have no interest anymore. It's so boring to me rn. I just think that I would hate being forced to memorize a bunch of complex terms as I take upper...
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    Can I apply to Pharmacy Programs with Bachelors in Medical Lab Science?

    Hi, I'm sorry if this comes across as a silly/dumb question, but my parents have never went to college and I don't really have friends to ask about this type of stuff, so I'm here for guidance. My current plan is to get an Associates Degree in Medical Lab Science at my local community college...