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Dec 21, 2015
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Ik getting into medical school is much more competitive than getting into a Medical tech program but I feel like I already ruined my chances. I got a C in bio, chem lab, calc. I failed gen chem 1 so I'm gonna have to retake it and get a A but will any med tech program accept me with a C in lab? I love working in the lab but I just had a rough time adjusting to my first semester. If I get A's and B's from now with a 3.5 gpa, will I have a good chance of getting into a good med tech program? I would have a BS so if I did get denied bc of my grades, would the only option be to get an associates at a community college to be a med lab technician and then be a MT? Btw Ik MLT to mt is longer but I'm sure it's the only way to be a MT if I don't get accepted to a mt right away. I would appreciate if mt's or mlt's would share what they think got them in or how they boosted their app. Thank you