medical sciences

  1. lastrealunicorn

    USF MSMS Program 2019-2020

    Hey y'all ! Just wanted to start this thread for the new application season. I'm going to be submitting my application within the next 2 weeks for admission next year into the pre-professional track. Update: Just got accepted today, almost 4 days after applying! I’m just going to list my...
  2. C

    UAB Medical Science Post Bac Non Thesis

    I recently gained acceptance into the medical sciences post bac program at UAB which also has a medical school as well as some other programs. I wanted to know what to expect from there program as far as to course work and load, and does it offers the best resource tools and faculty experience...
  3. T

    University of Kentucky College of Medicine (UKCOM) MSMP??

    Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to UKCOM's Master of Science in Medical Sciences program, so I'm wondering if anyone had thoughts on it. What's the program like? Anyone graduated and found success applying to MD schools? There doesn't appear to be a guaranteed interview with their med...
  4. Orlandoc

    USF MSMS (Medical Sciences) 2017 Application Thread

  5. D

    MSMHS Touro California vs MABS Midwestern Arizona

    Hey guys, 1st time posting so hope I'm in the right section. I am currently deciding on a masters program to help me get into medical school (DO or MD). Do any of you know how Touro California's Masters of Science in Medical Health Science compares with Midwestern Glendale, Arizona's Masters...
  6. M

    UNT MS medical sciences application

    Hello, I am trying to complete this application by March 1, due date and would like to know if those who applied in the past answered the supplemental questions with an essay or paragraph or what. Not exactly sure what to do here. Thanks!
  7. B

    Boston University MAMS 2016-2017

    Hey everyone, welcome to the 2016-2017 thread for the Boston University MAMS Program! My name is Mike and I'm currently a second year MAMS student here at BU, so if anyone has any questions about the program, housing options, or Boston in general post them here and I'll answer as best as I can...