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  1. F

    Questions & Concerns: Clincal/Non-Clinical Volunteering, Shadowing

    Okay so, here is my dilemma atm. I may just be over thinking this, but I want to have all my bases covered. Better to start sooner rather than later I suppose. Anyways, a few years ago I volunteered at a veterinarian office and helped comfort pets as they were coming off of the effects of...
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  3. F

    The MCAT: Where TF do I start?

    Hi guys, I've been dealing with a lot lately, trying to get myself calmed down before college starts back up in a week (Senior I). I may take a few days just to compose myself before sprinting into worrying about yet another standardized test (which have been an nemesis of mine in the...
  4. C

    How to get yourself off the post-II waitlist?

    Any tips or advice about this will be greatly appreciated. I know letter of intent helps, but how to write such a strong letter. Also, will getting a new LOR help? - Like from your new research PI?
  5. T

    Can you apply to medical school as an early college graduate?

    Currently, the plan is that I attend a community college then transfer to a four-year university. Normally, in the transfer program, students take two years at community college and two years at university. My plan is to use the ap credits I have to graduate in 1 year. I would have to take...
  6. K

    Chances of Acceptance into Medical School/DO School-Advice

    Hello Everyone! I am currently a senior. I wanted some help/opinions on what you guys think my odds are of getting into either MD or DO school. My current major is Molecular and Cell Biology, however I decided to stay an extra year to get a degree in Psych to help boost my cum gpa. Currently...
  7. A

    Nextstep vs Kaplan Diagnostic MCAT

    Hi there, I just took the Nextstep Diagnostic MCAT. I was wondering if anyone knows if Nextstep or Kaplan's diagnostic is harder, or which one is more representative of the actual AAMC exam? Would it be a good idea to take both diagnostics? Also, if I scored a 508 on the Next Step diagnostic...
  8. S

    Bad Senior High School Grade

    Im still in grade 11 and i realized i really do want to be a doctor. I wanted to be a doctor since before but i had a C- or a good passing grade in my science during 9th grade and 10th grade. However, in the start of my 11th grade, i realized i really do want to be a doctor but i only had C+ in...
  9. D

    Extracurriculars. I need help.

    Hi everyone, I recently talked to my pre-med advisor at school about my chances of getting into Med School. I showed her a list of my extracurriculars and she said I was missing a big chunk of activities that showed "Service Orientation". She told me that I should take a year or two off and do...
  10. K

    Iowa or Cincinnati?

    I have been accepted to both school, and it looks like I won't be getting any more acceptances, so it it time for me to really start deciding. I am out of state for both schools. Any advice/insights/opinions about which school would be the better choice would be greatly appreciated. IOWA: pros...
  11. Tuxie23

    IMG with green card and MPH wants to go to med school again

    Hi everyone, I am really struggling with my future career path right now and I need some help and advise from you guys. A bit about myself: I went to med school in China from 2007 to 2012. After graduation, I received my permanent residency (green card), came to the U.S. and spent 2 year...