1. N

    CRNA to Anesthesiologist

    Hello, Are there any CRNAs considering or on track to applying to med school?
  2. B

    LOR Dilemma - Help!

    Hi all, Hope someone can advise on this specific situation. All of my LORs have letterheads, besides one that my former post-bacc director is writing for me. Since they left the school after my completion of the program, they’re saying that they’d be happy to write it as my former...
  3. StudyJunkiee35

    2 Weeks Prior to a Life Time

    I begin pre-med in two weeks. Though I am proud to say that I have obtained my associate with Cum Laude, I can't help but wonder, how good will I be in this next chapter of my life. Any advice on how to start off strong and not burn out as a newlywed med student?
  4. F

    Questions & Concerns: Clincal/Non-Clinical Volunteering, Shadowing

    Okay so, here is my dilemma atm. I may just be over thinking this, but I want to have all my bases covered. Better to start sooner rather than later I suppose. Anyways, a few years ago I volunteered at a veterinarian office and helped comfort pets as they were coming off of the effects of...
  5. F

    The MCAT: Where TF do I start?

    Hi guys, I've been dealing with a lot lately, trying to get myself calmed down before college starts back up in a week (Senior I). I may take a few days just to compose myself before sprinting into worrying about yet another standardized test (which have been an nemesis of mine in the...
  6. C

    How to get yourself off the post-II waitlist?

    Any tips or advice about this will be greatly appreciated. I know letter of intent helps, but how to write such a strong letter. Also, will getting a new LOR help? - Like from your new research PI?
  7. T

    Can you apply to medical school as an early college graduate?

    Currently, the plan is that I attend a community college then transfer to a four-year university. Normally, in the transfer program, students take two years at community college and two years at university. My plan is to use the ap credits I have to graduate in 1 year. I would have to take...
  8. K

    Chances of Acceptance into Medical School/DO School-Advice

    Hello Everyone! I am currently a senior. I wanted some help/opinions on what you guys think my odds are of getting into either MD or DO school. My current major is Molecular and Cell Biology, however I decided to stay an extra year to get a degree in Psych to help boost my cum gpa. Currently...
  9. A

    Nextstep vs Kaplan Diagnostic MCAT

    Hi there, I just took the Nextstep Diagnostic MCAT. I was wondering if anyone knows if Nextstep or Kaplan's diagnostic is harder, or which one is more representative of the actual AAMC exam? Would it be a good idea to take both diagnostics? Also, if I scored a 508 on the Next Step diagnostic...
  10. S

    Bad Senior High School Grade

    Im still in grade 11 and i realized i really do want to be a doctor. I wanted to be a doctor since before but i had a C- or a good passing grade in my science during 9th grade and 10th grade. However, in the start of my 11th grade, i realized i really do want to be a doctor but i only had C+ in...
  11. D

    Extracurriculars. I need help.

    Hi everyone, I recently talked to my pre-med advisor at school about my chances of getting into Med School. I showed her a list of my extracurriculars and she said I was missing a big chunk of activities that showed "Service Orientation". She told me that I should take a year or two off and do...
  12. K

    Iowa or Cincinnati?

    I have been accepted to both school, and it looks like I won't be getting any more acceptances, so it it time for me to really start deciding. I am out of state for both schools. Any advice/insights/opinions about which school would be the better choice would be greatly appreciated. IOWA: pros...
  13. Tuxie23

    IMG with green card and MPH wants to go to med school again

    Hi everyone, I am really struggling with my future career path right now and I need some help and advise from you guys. A bit about myself: I went to med school in China from 2007 to 2012. After graduation, I received my permanent residency (green card), came to the U.S. and spent 2 year...