merit scholarship

  1. R

    UCLA (Need-Based Scholarship) vs. UC Davis (Merit-Based Scholarship)

    Hey guys! I've been fortunate enough to receive acceptances at two wonderful locations, however, I'm struggling to decide which place would be a better fit for the next four years of my life. UCLA DGSOM vs UC Davis UCLA Pros: Prestige - may help with residency applications Attended undergrad...
  2. Piglet2020

    Redistributing merit aid?

    Seems like some folks are beginning to withdraw from schools despite a big chunk of merit aid that’s being offered. With that being said, will this scholarship go towards future students or the top students from the current class?
  3. Piglet2020

    Financial Aid 'Award' - Loans after potential scholarship?

    I received my financial aid package, which offers ~50k in federal loans to cover COA. I don't see myself spending 2k on transportation, insurance, etc, so I probably wont take over 30k in loans. I have ~3 months to accept/decline this award. What I'm worried about is how merit scholarships play...
  4. Piglet2020

    What does it take to get a merit scholarship?

    Do they look at MCAT? GPA? I'm wondering b/c I interviewed at my in-state school during the first week of interviews & accepted in Oct. Several people who have received acceptances in Oct have been getting scholarships, in-state. My stats are not stellar (about avg really, a little above median...
  5. Piglet2020

    Scholarship/Financial Aid Information?

    I was accepted months ago to my state school but it seems that my school hasn't sent out the financial aid packet or scholarship info to anyone yet. (I completed FAFSA months ago.) When is the latest date for schools to send out this information? I realize that the cycle is pretty much over by...
  6. P

    Medical Student CV

    I have to update my CV for something I'm applying for and debating whether to include a couple of things. First, I was fortunate enough to receive merit scholarships from my school, but I'm not sure if I should include this on my CV for residency apps, etc. Second, is undergrad GPA something...
  7. M

    Full COA scholarships for 3.7 GPA

    Are there Full COA scholarships to medical schools for students like me with a 3.71 GPA? I'm from a top 5 undergrad school. I have a 520 on the MCAT. Have 2 published co-authored papers. Over 500 hours working in an ED as a scribe. Is it heard of for people with GPAs like mine to get full COA...