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    Program-Specific Info / Q's MGH 2020 ADMISSIONS

    Hey guys! I interviewed at MGH on 12/7, and just got a confusing email from them. I know in previous years, people got an admissions decision about two weeks after the interview, but today I was sent an email that thanked me for coming, and said that admissions decisions would be sent via OTCAS...
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    MGH SRTP-how likely is it to get off the waitlist?

    I was waitlisted for MGH SRTP a few days ago. Was wondering if anyone from previous years was waitlisted and got in? Or does anyone know how likely it is to make it off the waitlist?
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    MGH IHP vs. Boston University

    I'm currently deciding between MGH and BU and I wanted to see if there were any current DPT students at either school that would be willing to share their experiences. Any feedback is appreciated, both positive and negative. Specifically for MGH I would be interested to know what people's...
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    Brigham (BWH) and MGH malignant and resident abuse?

    hey guys! I’m a radiology applicant and recently interviewed at the boston programs for diagnostic radiology and I was shocked at what I heard during my interview day by residents. I would love some comments from other applicants or current residents. So during my interview day compared to...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's WashU vs MGH vs Murphy Deming vs UTC OTD

    Hello! In January I was accepted into Washington University in St. Louis, and in the last weeks I was accepted into MGH IHP in Boston, Murphy Deming college in Virginia and University of Tennessee Chattanooga. I am having a lot of trouble deciding between the 3. WashU- I am in St. Louis now...
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    MGH IHP decisions

    Hey all, I'm currently on the waitlist at MGH IHP and received the same email it seems all applicants on the waitlist got about the class still being full. Since the deposit deadline has passed and those on the waitlist were asked to declare if they wanted to stay on or wanted to be taken...
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    MGH vs BWH hours 2016

    I'm a pathology applicant this year who is looking at both MGH and BWH, and I'm curious -- is the workload similar? Old threads suggest that MGH residents used to work a bit harder than BWH residents, but there are one or two comments saying that's outdated. Can anyone compare the current hours...
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    Advice Needed: "Shadowing" at MGH Psychiatry

    Hi guys, A little bit of background before I get to the meat of it: 1. Just graduated from Boston College, majored in Psychology (Clinical Concentration) and minored in Economics 2. Looking to apply for PhD / PsyD programs in clinical psychology in ~3 years. 3. I have committed to...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Boston University vs. MGH IHP OTD

    Hello! I am lucky enough to have been accepted to the OTD programs at both Boston University (BU) and Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions (MGHIHP). I was wondering if anyone (current students or otherwise) could offer any opinions/advice on how to choose which...