1. L

    Mizzou vs. Penn State

    I am still awaiting financial aid offers (which may greatly influence the situation) from both schools, but have narrowed down to 2 schools and would love any input in helping me choose the best fit for me as this is a huge decision. A little about me: I a non-trad with a family, so my husband...
  2. A

    Application feedback and chances of admission

  3. L

    What courses should I be taking

    I am a student at the University of Missouri and am trying to set up my schedule so that I am able to apply to as many vet schools as possible. I have looked at the course requirements for a good amount of vet schools but I have no idea if the courses that I am taking will match up with them...
  4. 1

    Wait lists for 2018-19 Midwest schools!

    Hey everyone, I've done a couple interviews now and have a couple more to go. I have been wait listed for some midwest schools, so I figured I'd make a post out there to see that I'm not alone and get more information about the programs! I was recently wait listed at Mizzou and I'm still waiting...
  5. H

    MHA - Accepted into program, not the university?

    Greetings, So I recently found out I was accepted into an MHA program. In the acceptance letter they stated that once I officially accepted I would have to send my official transcripts and wait to be accepted into the university...Is it possible for me to be accepted into the program but then...
  6. kjl3e

    Arkansas Residents. LSU vs. Missouri

    I have been accepted to both LSU and Missouri for the upcoming class and am having a hard time making a decision between the two. Can any current students or graduates that went to either share their reasons for their choice and what they like/dislike about either school? I would especially like...
  7. missmissouri

    Mizzou's Bryant Scholar Program

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about applying to this because I meet all requirements, and Mizzou would be my #1 pick for medical school. They accept 15 people of each class as a part of this program. I'm not sure how competitive it is because I don't know anyone else at my university who is...
  8. shirelady

    Do vet schools like art students?

    I'll be applying to vet school in Fall of 2017, but I'm pretty nervous about my chances. My GPA isn't phenomenal, currently a 3.2 although I'm trying to improve it, and my hours aren't great either. I've got several hundred animal experience hours because I work at a horse farm and volunteer at...