Mizzou's Bryant Scholar Program

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Oct 30, 2016
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Hey everyone,

I'm thinking about applying to this because I meet all requirements, and Mizzou would be my #1 pick for medical school. They accept 15 people of each class as a part of this program. I'm not sure how competitive it is because I don't know anyone else at my university who is interested in it. To qualify you must have graduated from a rural/remote Missouri high school and be attending a Missouri 4-year university, so that narrows down the pool quite a bit.

Does anyone on here have any info/opinion/thoughts on the Bryant Scholars Program? It would be a dream come to know, for my last 2 years of undergrad, that I have a guaranteed spot as long as I keep my grades up and do well enough on the MCAT. I do not necessarily dream about practicing medicine in a rural area but as I want to stay in the state, I am absolutely not against it.

Thank you!

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"All applicants are required to sign a statement of intent acknowledging their commitment to the Bryant Scholars Pre-Admissions Program and the MU Rural Track Pipeline Program"

"Bryant Scholars are required to ... participate in the Summer Community Program, the Rural Track Clerkship Program and the Rural Track Elective Program."

If you suspect you don't want to practice rural I might skip on this. If you're doing well so far in college you can be pretty confident your app will be competitive for normal Mizzou admissions anyways.
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Thanks Elfe!

I don't not want to practice rural medicine. I just don't necessarily want to go back to my hometown and be a physician. I have a soft spot, and a lot more insight into health/poverty issues in rural areas than my STL friends. I don't have any problems with the program requirements. It requires that I complete some of my rotations in rural areas around Missouri (many of their spots are in towns much larger than the one I grew up in) and the other commitments are small in my opinion.

The greatest things about being accepted to this early admission program is that I won't need to stress the last two years of undergrad. I have a 3 year old son and I am not able to volunteer hundreds of hours of my time. I know my application will be lacking in some parts because of me being a single mother. The program only requires that I shadow 20 hours a year, participate in a health-related activity 20 hours a year and complete 8 hours of community service a year, which is all 100% doable for me. The program also includes a 4th year medical school scholarship (not sure exactly how much that is, but still!).

I know I will likely be competitive for MU anyway, but I would just save so much money and application process stress if I were accepted into this. I doubt many others on SDN can contribute to this conversation but I thought it was worth a try.
I'm not sure if it's already too late for you to apply, but I thought it might be worthwhile to put my input here, as I was just accepted to Mizzou's Bryant Scholar Program.

I think it is an incredible opportunity, and that you should absolutely apply if you are eligible. I had two interviews for the process, and both interviewers were genuinely interested in learning about me and my interest in medicine. Mizzou's med school has a problem-based learning system that I absolutely love.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way.