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  1. Piglet2020

    Trying my best as MS1 at Graded Med School - How to improve?

    Hello everyone, I’m an MS1 and just finished my first med school block (anatomy) with a B. Average was a 85 but I’m slightly below the average. I dont know if I’m doing well enough for the specialty I may be interested in (internal med, radiology, anesthesiology, opthamology). I know not...
  2. tutorthepeople

    MCAT Medical Interview Series: TTP IS with Lindsay, MS1 @ MUSC

    This interview premieres the Tutor the People Interview Series (TTP IS). Throughout the TTP IS, we’ll chat with people from all walks of life within the medical field: doctors, medical students, pre-meds, advisors, and more. Today we’re speaking with Lindsay, an MS1 at the Medical University of...
  3. K

    Any Questions for KSUCPM 1st year

  4. F

    MD Incoming MS1, worried about matching into a residency program!!

    As an incoming MS1, I have gotten through my first obstacle in becoming a doctor. Now I have to prepare for matching into a residency program and would like to ask my SDN colleagues for some advice. After some research into the residency application process, it seems like it’s very similar to...
  5. Epicurusall

    MD Boards and Beyond

    In passing through multiple threads I've read that B&B is an excellent resource for filling in gaps in knowledge when preparing for step 1. My question is, are these videos such a good learning tool that they should be used alongside MS1 courses to learn the basic sciences and systems? Or, is...
  6. RaginMD

    Surviving 1st year burnout

    I know I am definitely not the only one but as the end of 1st year coming along I'm getting more and more burnt out and depressed, which is bad considering our last course of the year is Med Neuro and its a nightmare! First med neuro exam is Tuesday and that means that I missed out on my "spring...
  7. begoood95

    Research In Medical School: Timescale for Decisions

    So I've been reflecting on the research I've done in undergrad, and feel really lucky that I got involved in a productive lab early in my academic career. If I had jumped on board junior, or senior year, I wouldn't have received a strong letter from my PI, nor would I have had such an enriching...
  8. rs_med_student

    USMLE Katzung vs Lippincott Review

    i have been surfing dem internet forums and its clear that these two books are the bestsellers and the ones with the most popularity. leaving cards aside...i want a book for my MS2 pharma class which one should it be? what are the differences? (btw..assume that its the last edition for both...
  9. M

    Medical School Year 1 Additional Resources

    Hey Guys, I was wondering what additional recourses should I get to help me through the first year of medical school, and to prepare for the Step 1? My first semester courses are Biochemistry, Epidemiology, Anatomy and Embryology, Neuroscience, Behavioral Science, Histology and Biostatistics...
  10. YLFounder

    Step 1 Studying During First Year?

    Hi everyone, I'll be entering medical school this fall and I was wondering what you would advise to study during the first year for Step 1. I realized during the time I was studying for the MCAT that had I had those books around during my core science classes, I would have understood the...