Medical School Year 1 Additional Resources

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Apr 4, 2012
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Hey Guys,

I was wondering what additional recourses should I get to help me through the first year of medical school, and to prepare for the Step 1?
My first semester courses are Biochemistry, Epidemiology, Anatomy and Embryology, Neuroscience, Behavioral Science, Histology and Biostatistics.
So far I plan on getting Rapid Review Biochemistry, Netter's, HY Neuroscience, BRS Behavioral, and BRS Cell Biology and Histology...
Additionally, I have heard from multiple sources that it is a good idea to have one review book now for each course you take, to help you not only prepare for shelf exams but better prepare yourself for the Step 1 when the time comes to review....what are your opinions on this?

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BRS physiology and BRS gross anatomy are really valuable and I would recommend them to any first year medical student. You could probably skip BRS cell bio/histo since that is a pretty straightforward subject. Check out Histology Helpers on YouTube for help reading slides. Once you start school and see how the embryology teaching is, you may want HY embryo if the teaching is unclear (otherwise various YouTube videos are good). Also get first aid and kinda follow along, but don't use it as a learning source as it is for review purposes.

You might want to wait to buy books until you get into school and talk to some 2nd years as they will tell you what is helpful specifically at your school. There is also the possibility that there is a super secret google drive that has all the books you will need in pdf form, almost every school has this.

Good luck.

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