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  1. Drewfuss

    SLU vs. MSU vs. Drexel

    Hey yall, I am a California Resident trying to decide between these 3 schools. As I understand it, all 3 schools have similar rankings so I am not sure if that will play much into it. I am looking to do EM or maybe a more competitive surgical subspecialty. Not totally sure yet. I am not really...
  2. PapaGuava

    2019-2020 Michigan State

    Secondary prompts: Good luck to everyone applying! Interview Feedback: Michigan State University
  3. MemberBerry

    MSUCHM New curriculum

    Hey everyone (and hopefully Spartan MDs), I am wondering if any of you current M1s can comment on the new Shared Discovery Curriculum? I will be starting there next year and am looking for a first-hand viewpoint. Thanks a bunch and good luck with your studies!
  4. W


    Hey all, I'm having a really hard time deciding between these two schools. Both are similar in that they focus on communities and primary care. OUWB's tuition is much higher than MSU's since it is a private school. So in terms of cost, I am definitely leaning towards MSU. Also, I was admitted...