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  1. DentistScientist

    Kaplan NBDE II Lecture Notes New

    I am selling my Brand New Kaplan NBDE II Lecture Notes on Ebay. It's much cheaper than Amazon. This book is currently the top rated NBDE II prep book on Amazon and it will be one of the best review/reference books for INBDE exam as well. Kaplan NBDE Part II Lecture Notes New | eBay Please...
  2. D

    How to Pass NBDE Part 2

    Hey guys. For those of you like me who are planning on taking NBDE Part 2 before it is discontinued and replaced by the INDBE, I wanted to share my personal experience with the exam, including details on how I passed on my first attempt! Resources (everything I used is included in this list)...
  3. P


    Hi guys, Stupid question but I am having the hardest time navigating the ADA and JCNDE websites to register for Part II. Could somebody please help me out? Thank you!
  4. Z

    nbde part I and II someone to practice with?

    I need to take both exams. I would like to have a study partner. I live in New Jersey. If someone want a study partner too, please contact me.
  5. D

    wanted! NBDE part 1 & 2 study materials

    i am looking to buy the nbde study materials. any leads would be highly appreciated! tia
  6. C

    NBDE part2 Board Busters 2nd edition

    Condition: Few chapters with highlights and markings. All pages intact. Shelf wear. Edition: 2nd Price: $135.00 (Media mail shipping included) Contact: You can either PM me or email me at [email protected]
  7. C

    NBDE Part 2 study materials

    Hi, I am doing research on NBDE part 2 study materials. It seems a lot of people used decks, Mosby's, Kaplan and First Aid. Anybody happened to use Dentin(formerly Dental Board Buster)? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  8. A

    NBDE part 2 study partner Toronto

    hey everyone, Is anyone studying for the nbde (USA) part 2 in Toronto/GTA? Im looking for a serious study partner. My goal is to write the part 2 by November at the latest!
  9. D

    For Sale NBDE Part 2 Material

    Hello, Finally got time to sell my dental material. I have the following items for sale: NBDE Part 2: Dental Decks Part II (2011-2012) First Aid Q & A for NBDE Part 2 Printed Unreleased Exams Part 1 - $ ASDA Released Exams Part 2 (A-N) Buy them in bundle for discounted price.
  10. B

    Info Sites for Applicants

    Hey guys, For whoever needs a summary of how to get a DMD/DDS in the US check out this site.. though it seems to be in progress!! Also if everyone can post a list of useful sites that would be great!! www.internationalDMD.com thought it might help, all the best! :)
  11. L

    Part 1 & 2 Exam Questions

    I have study materials for part 1 & 2. I can give you my phone number and e-mail if you'd like to discuss further. I will provide photos of everything I have. ASDA National Board Reprints: These previous exam questions helped me pass both boards. Books are in perfect condition with no writing...
  12. L

    Exam questions/study materials for sale

    I'm selling my NBDE STUDY MATERIALS: ASDA National Board Reprints - These previous exam questions helped me pass both boards. Books are in perfect condition with no writing. Answers are provided in the back of each book. Part 1 released exams: Contains 2,800 questions on Anatomic Sciences...
  13. K

    For Sale Tufts Reviewers - NBDE 2

    I have the 2012 Tufts reviewer for NBDE part 2. Very good material that is recommended by a lot of successful test takers. Pharma, Oral Patho, and pretty much all the other subjects (Endo, OM Radio, OMS, Ortho, Pedia, Perio, Prostho, plus Problem Based Learning Practice Cases, Patient...