1. S

    Help with NBEO Part 1

    Hello! I need some advice.. so I finished KMK almost twice now, and i've been doing alot of optoprep. I finished all the practice questions, and now im on the timed exams. I've been doing half exams, but i keep getting 50-60% on them!! it's really frustrating. is this a cause for concern? i know...
  2. quackquack

    Patient education portion if NBEO part 3

    Hi all! Was planning to complete NBEO part 3 sometime this year. Not american trained so it’s been hard getting tips from fellow classmates. for the patient education skill, im thinking having a rehearsed script of common conditions is a good idea. (Anyone who has completed it, can you confirm...
  3. T

    IAUPR Boards preparedness

    How much responsibility does an optometry school or any professional school bare in preparing their students to pass national boards??? Why am I asking. Few weeks ago there was a debate online from IAUPR about who bares the blame for low board pass rates and when I saw low I mean 40% for NBEO...
  4. D

    US grads using NBEO in Canada (BC)

    Hello everyone, So I’m in my 4th year in a US optometry school wanting to return home to Ontario to work. I really don’t want to pay 6,000 dollars to take the OEBC when the NBEO can be used as it’s equivalent in BC and Montreal and is required to graduate anyways. Can somebody please help...
  5. O

    New York Sponsorship Program

    Hello everyone. :) I’m a foreign graduate of Optometry, earning an OD degree (6 year program) in my country. I’m planning to be a licensed OD in the USA by not going back to school and sit on the NBEO exams right away. I have contacted New York Board of Optometry if they offer a sponsorship...
  6. car guy doc

    NBEO 1st time passage rates each school

    Are there any links/websites that provides the recent 1st time NBEO passage rates in all sections for each school? Frustratingly enough, some schools website's just don't list them. I feel like it would be helpful to know when it comes time to decide where to attend. Specifically from ~...
  7. O

    NBEO in NY/NJ/PA

    Hey guys! I'm starting at PCO next month and I have a couple questions about the boards. Do you have to take them in the state in which you graduate? Also does anyone on the east coast know if New York accepts New Jersey licenses? Vice versa? I heard that NJ will accept Pennsylvania licenses but...
  8. O

    2016 KMK part II for NBEO and Canadian Optometry Boards

    BRAND NEW 2016 KMK part II book still in packaging available. I bought this copy but then was given another copy so this one is still brand new never opened. Looking to sell ASAP, send me an offer.
  9. E

    Selling Butterworth Heinemann's Review questions for the NBEO part 1

    Gently used, no markings/highlights, CD included. Good prep for optometry boards part 1. $30
  10. E

    Selling the Berkeley Study guide part 1 (2 booklets)

    The Berkeley study guide part 1: applied basic science Preparation for the optometry national boards 11th edition, like new condition, no markings $40 for 2 booklets
  11. S

    For Sale $80 NBEO Latest edition(12th) Berkeley Study Guide for Part 1 booklet 1 & 2.

    Brand New no markings. On their website it is $105 +tax+shipping
  12. O

    NBEO 2

    How are yall studying for NBEO part II? and when are you starting?!