Patient education portion if NBEO part 3


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Jul 11, 2009
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    Hi all! Was planning to complete NBEO part 3 sometime this year. Not american trained so it’s been hard getting tips from fellow classmates.

    for the patient education skill, im thinking having a rehearsed script of common conditions is a good idea. (Anyone who has completed it, can you confirm it is a sound idea or do they sometimes ask rare conditions? I mean i know my conditions but under testing conditions, i have waaay too much nervous energy. I am definite the person who stutters when unprepared.

    also, how do they start you on this skill? I have a lot of trouble imagining a patient in real life randomly go “so, tell me about optic neurits”.... or is it more like they will describe some symptoms and you have to say “ahh, well you are describing a condition called...” etc?

    anyway i am trying to compile a list. Feel free to add to it =)

    Dry eye
    Allergic/bacterial/viral conjunctivitis
    Optic neuritis
    Diabetic ret
    Retinal detachment


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    Jan 28, 2014
      NBEO is an entry to practice exam in which they examine basic skills that every newly registered optometrist should know so I highly doubt they will test you on rare diseases. Stick to common every day diseases that you are most likely to come across in clinic. The list you have is a good start and it is definitely a good idea to have a rehearsed script!!
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