1. P

    ADEX help

  2. N

    NERB and CITA exams

    I am a practicing dentist that needs to start networking. I practice in NC. I know the easiest way to get a license is by having passed the CITA or NERB. Does anyone know if there is a list of schools that offer the NERBs and CITA exam? I graduated from Temple University in 2011 and at the...
  3. R

    CDCA challenge

    Hi everyone. I came to the forum seeking some advice came across some posts about the patient portion but very few ones about the mannequin part, especially prostho. I really am a very excellent student and all my preps on practice typodonts are great; my mentors have attested to that.
  4. Brig7

    CDCA (NERB) and California

    Hey guys, I'm a rising 3rd year at Pitt, but am from California, and am hoping CA gets organized with the CDCA exams by the time I could be taking them. Can anyone shed some light on this? Officially it's been said that 2017 is the "Expected Acceptance" year for the CDCA in CA. But I've also...
  5. B

    Extra Columbia typodont teeth/typodont

    Looking to sell left over Columbia typodonts and teeth used for NERB exam. Would prefer buyer in the Baltimore/DC/Richmond area. Thanks
  6. LLUDDS15

    Dental Board Busters - ADEX/NERB (CDCA) DSE Book

    Some highlighting, but book is in nearly new condition. $100 and it's your book.
  7. S

    any recent grads that took the NERB/CDCA

    Need input on the endodontic portion of the NERB/CDCA- Typodont teeth- Acadental I just took it and failed the posterior Endo. It surprises me how I could not pass such an easy exam ,when I have done several RCT's during dental school and residency. My question is: How far down do you go into...
  8. K

    Florida Dental Boards Prep ADEX Gordy vs Becker HELP!

    Hello! I'm an out-of-state dentist (2010 grad) looking to become licensed in Florida. I know I have to retake the ADEX exam including DSE and all patient portions. My question is whether anyone has updated information regarding the Becker course (Florida Dental Licensure Specialists --...
  9. S

    CDCA (NERB) in Detroit May 19

    I'm traveling from Philadelphia to Detroit for the patient portion (just class III restoration) of the NERB May 19. I'm looking for a dental student in Detroit to ask a few questions or hopefully find a patient. Is anybody reading this at University of Detroit Mercy? Or do you know somebody who...
  10. M

    NBDE pros retake

    I just took my NBDE (Now technically CDCA) exam and although I haven't received my results yet, I'm fairly certain I failed the pros portion. Does anyone know the cost of retaking this portion of the exam? And does it happen again at your school or do you have to travel elsewhere? Thanks for...