1. Akam ahz

    Anatomy: the course of auriculotemporal nerve

    Hello, I'm a first year dental student, and I study the anatomy of head and neck. Reading about the auriculotemporal nerve, my book says that it enters the parotid gland, but it doesn't clarify from which surface or border. Could anyone tell me from which surface the auriculotemporal nerve...
  2. Akam ahz

    Excitability of the nerve and potassium ion concentration.

    My book says that the excitability of the nerve is increased when increasing the the potassium ion (K+) concentration in the extracellular fluid and vice versa. I don't understand this mechanism could someone explain it for me! Thanks in advance!
  3. joooorrdaaaannnnn

    Trying to Simulate a Nerve!

    Hello all! I work for a company that creates realistic anatomical models for military training. We are currently working on a fasciotomy trainer which includes the superficial peroneal nerve. I was hoping I could pick your brains (well those of you who have taken gross anatomy) on what...
  4. N

    What do you think of these symptoms?

    Ok, so for the passed 6 years or so, I have been having strange nerve sensations mainly on the left side of my body, sometimes on the right side as well. I just consulted with a neurologist today and he tested my reflexes, power, vibration sensitivity and I will take some more tests tomorrow. In...
  5. B

    Hand fellowship via neurosurgery

    Should there be a hand surgery pathway via neurosurgery? Neurosurgeons already have exposure to peripheral nerves, vascular surgical procedures, microsurgery and bone fixation so what makes general surgeons more qualified than them?
  6. ab_helsing

    Awesome Anatomy Anki deck

    So I already posted this on Reddit, but I thought I'd share here too.. Guys I'm super stoked to share my Awesome Anatomy Anki deck! I made it using Medcharts which is essentially each muscle/structure in several sets of spreadsheets. The deck has a handful of bells and whistles including...