1. medschoolcycle_22

    Which of these courses should I take for BCPM gpa?

    So I was wondering what courses you would recommend taking that would count towards BCPM GPA? There's environmental toxicology (it's listed under BIOL), Neurology, Virology. Which one would you recommend? I was also wondering if research methods would count under BCPM? It's listed as BIOL4560...
  2. M

    Courses That Count Towards Science GPA

    I'm interested in taking a course in my school called Selected Topics In Biology. The course description says that the course will study a topic of interest chosen by the instructor. The course topic is neurobiology. If I take this course, will the grade be counted towards my science gpa or just...
  3. J

    Is it okay to take organic chemistry after I graduate?

    I know this is very long but I really need some help/guidance. I would really, really appreciate if anyone can help me out. I'm a third year transfer student. I have to take organic chemistry for my major (neurobiology) and for medical school. My school offers it as a year long series and as a...
  4. N

    Please help my mother, she needs help as soon as possible

    Dear Doctors, My name is Nhat Quang Le. I am an international student in the USA. My mother has a carvenours agima which has impacted her since 2005. My father is a medical doctor, and he discussed her sickness with many well-known doctors from France and Japanese, and they were refused to...
  5. N

    Lateral Vs. Anterior Corticospinal Tract

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but what is the difference between the anterior and the lateral corticospinal tracts? I vaguely remember being told that the LCS innervates distal body parts (eg hands) while the ACS innervates proximal body parts, is this right? Thanks
  6. AntsInMyEyes_Johnson

    How Do I Transition Into Biomedical Research from Neuropsychology Research?

  7. C

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  8. ApolloUSMLE

    APMLE Triple Review Audio Course

    Audio review of: Anatomy Neurobiology Biochemistry Listen to free audio samples HERE.
  9. ApolloUSMLE

    USMLE/COMLEX USMLE Step 1 Triple Review

    New USMLE Step 1 Triple Review Audio. Covers: Biochemistry Anatomy Neurobiology Listen to free samples of the USMLE Step 1 Audio Course.