neurotic pre med

  1. A

    Is my goal MCAT score realistic?

    I just took my first MCAT diagnostic over Christmas break and got a 504. I start seriously prepping in April to take the MCAT end of July. My original goal was 518. Realistically, is that a viable goal? I reviewed my test and my biggest weaknesses were Biochem-related questions (I'm taking...
  2. Y

    3.9 cGPA, 3.91sGPA and 512 MCAT WAMC

    Hi this is my first time posting and wanted to get everyone's opinions on WAMC Like the title said - cGPA: 3.9 sGPA: 3.91 MCAT: 512 Texas Resident - UT Austin Grad (TMDSAS seems to calculate GPA a little different) TMDSAS cGPA: 3.93 TMDSAS sGPA: 3.94 ORM ECs: Clinical Volunteering -...
  3. Ms. Medic

    You Know You Are A Neurotic Premed When...

    ...You prefer weekdays to weekends because secondary email invites don't typically come on Saturdays and Sundays.