1. Franzliszt1

    Bad news

    Dear SDN, This week has come with some bad news. I realized that 1) Due to financial constraints I will be able to apply to max 9 schools. FAP not an option. 2) My cGPA will appear a full point lower than I thought. My school transcript says 3.6, but because I have so many A+s in my last...
  2. SixStringPsych

    Antidepressant Withdrawal (NYT Article)

    Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit Any opinions on this article? Is there any research studying discontinuation syndrome and the durations at which it is more likely to occur that this article might have missed?
  3. B

    Nurse Practitioner autonomy (VA)

    " Most Virginia nurse practitioners could gain the autonomy to practice without a physician’s oversight if Gov. Ralph Northam signs a bill the General Assembly passed with near-unanimous support. " - Rankin , 2018. - Basically, a bill in VA that allows NP with 5 years of full time clinical...
  4. S

    Rosalind Franklin - Any News??

    Hi all, I have been anxiously waiting to hear ANYTHING back from Rosalind Franklin and wanted to know if anyone knows when the last interview is and when you would get an invite. My application was verified August 8th. The last email I received from them was September 25th saying that my...
  5. B

    Technology Good sources for digital health news?

    Hey all, Does anyone know any good sources for keeping up with digital health/telemedicine news? There's so much cool stuff happening in that space lately, and I want to stay informed about the kinds of things that will impact physicians' work. Looking for any useful websites or weekly...
  6. AntsInMyEyes_Johnson

    Anyone have any information on Carle Illinois COM?

    I just saw a post on r/premed about Carle Illinois COM. Any idea what this is all about? They don't offer too much information on their website, so maybe someone heard some rumors as to when they'll start taking applicants, or if they'll have specific course requirements since it's supposed to...
  7. TrooperAn

    Fetal surgery, looking for information!

    Good day all! I am a newbie on this forum, i found it while i was looking for the news in fetal surgery! I am a medical student from a country far far away and preparing work about the latest and newest surgeries that have been made in the last 3-6 years in america (or any other experienced...
  8. S

    Best ways to keep up with medical news

    It's always cool to drop a paper or two on rounds. Here are some ways to keep up NEJM No one can argue with going straight to the source to review journal articles. NEJM still carries impactful articles, but can miss out on public policy such as USPSTF updates and other The Scope Weekly email...
  9. lawyerbrah

    Just LOL @ you if you're going to medical school (srs)

    Just LOL @ u if you're going to medical school. Brb taking out 200k in loans, brb your 20's are gone, brb you'll hate your life in your 20's and you'll hate your life as a doctor, brb you'll try to retire at 50 then die at 60 because of dat dere stress, brb mommy and daddy are a doctor or brb...