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    EU-national wanting to do residency in UK

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums. There's a lot of information to be found here, and I hope I could get some help and advice from its members. To start off, I'm a 3rd year medical student studying in The Netherlands (EU/EEA). Next year I'll be starting clinical rotations and in my 5/6th year...
  2. B

    What is the job/training market like for American graduates of UK schools?

    Hi all! I'm an American student currently in my junior year at an American undergrad university, and growing increasingly interested in perhaps studying medicine in the UK with the hope of eventually getting trained/obtaining a job there. I've seen a few questions sort of like this before but...
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    Medical Indemnity Insurance

    Hi Everyone I am in my 1st year of Medical School and i went to a conference recently (Just to check out the scene). I got chatting to a surgeon and he said that i will need medical indemnity for NHS work which i understand. I know why you need it and what it is. But i am a little nieve on all...