1. J

    NICU 2021 Fellowship!!!

    Just going off of last year's forum, wanted to start a thread on the NICU Fellowship cycle for 2021. Update with who you have heard back from for interview invitations with date. Copy and paste the list and add your updates. Good luck everyone! 2021 Interview List 1)
  2. R

    Jobs for pre-meds dealing with new borns or labor and delivery in general?

    Hello Everyone, I'm an undergraduate student interested in medicine. Recently, I've been very interested in the field of OBGYN. I LOVE being around mothers and babies in a clinical setting - so I was trying to find a job in a NICU or related area, but haven't had too much luck as they all seem...
  3. SSDGM

    Clinical Experience (NICU, Doula, etc) vs. Shadowing

    Hello All, I'm preparing to apply this upcoming round. One weak spot of my application is shadowing hours. At this point, I have 20 hours with one OBGYN in his clinic, 8 hours with a pediatric endocrinologist and genetic counselors (not sure if I should mention the genetic counselors since...
  4. E

    Academic Jobs after Fellowship

    2nd year Neo Fellow here, getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel but having increasing anxiety about jobs after fellowship. Private positions are easy to find in my area but I'd like to be at an academic institution and continue my career as a clinician (and training as an...
  5. M

    Recently graduated residents working in P/NICU

    Good Afternoon Everyone! Just curious if these positions still exist. At my residency hospital the PICU has several recently graduated residents who worked at mid-level providers along with NPs. I interested in applying for these positions during a 1-3 year break I am interested in taking from...