1. N

    Post Bacc/ Gap Year Advice

    Hello, I am a 21 yr old AA male from a top 20 undergrad institution. I am currently a senior and plan on taking the MCAT early next year. I plan on applying to med school in the 2019-2020 cycle, but i am not convinced in the strength of my application. Basically, I am looking for advice on any...
  2. N

    Help!!! How to improve my application

    Hello, so i was planning on applying to medical school in the 2019 cycle, but i had a particularly terrible year last year, i'm in my last year at my school and so i only have 1 more year to build it back up. I already plan on taking a gap year so im here asking what kind of advice anyone here...
  3. Fracture

    All the Nigerian premeds and med students, get in here!!!

    Wah gwan! What you lot saying. I'm coming from the west side of Nigeria. You can guess my tribe if you don't already know. Shout out all the Yorubas and thattt, but I love my Igbos still. And all you minor one really cares looool. I'm joking I'm joking. I love all Nigerians. We're...
  4. O

    Chances of getting into HOWARD MEDICAL SCHOOL 2017-2018

    I am applying for the upcoming cycle, hoping to be among the class of 2022 of Howard's Medical Program. My Overall GPA is a 3.54 and my SGPA is a 3.27. I got a 505 on the MCAT. These are my ECs: -I have 800 clinical hours with an ophthalmologist that was also a Howard Med grad. -I've worked...
  5. Y

    Any African Pre-Dental/Dental out there?

    Any other Africans on here that's applying to or already in Dental school? If so, where are you from? I'm from Nigeria and everyone else I know if going the medical route. I'd like to know that I'm not alone. Lol