1. O

    Family Medicine Residency with OMM training

    I am currently doing a search on family medicine residency programs and wanted some help on ones that had a good training in OMM as well. I've looked at the ones on the AAO website that list the integrated FM/NMM programs as well as the ones with a NMM +1 fellowship. I wanted to expand my search...
  2. D

    NMM/OMT Residency Information

    Hello all, I am thinking of applying to an NMM/OMT residency for 2017, but have some questions.... There are currently 8 NMM/OMT residencies, and as far as I can tell, they are all 2 years of NMM/OMT after a one year traditional internship. Are any of these programs combined, or do I have to...
  3. D.O. OMM boob

    DO/MBA joint and FM/OMM vs NMM/OMM for residency

    I hope to be accepted to and complete a 5 year DO/MBA joint program. I want to do this so that after my residency (either FM/OMM or NMM/OMM) I can open up a private practice confidently and start performing OMT on patients. FM/OMM is a total of 4 years (1 year internship) while NMM/OMM is a...