non-clinical volunteering

  1. Eris1357

    Question about non-clinical setting patient interaction

    Hello everyone, a club that I volunteer at fulfills the wishes of terminally ill patients, and I was wondering how that would be counted. So far, we have done a lot of house-cleaning for patients, with some other activities on the side (such as Christmas parties for them and their children). The...
  2. H


  3. M

    Unsatisfying Volunteer Experiences

  4. D

    Clinical Volunteering

    Hi, I was wondering if volunteering at a health and rehab center for seniors counts as clinical volunteering. Or is clinical volunteering strictly in a hospital? Thank you
  5. Python Forever

    At 400 hours each for nonclinical and clinical volunteering. Low GPA applicant. Do I try to hit the 1000-hour mark?

    Strangely worded title, but I didn't really know how else to word it. Long story short, I graduated a few years ago from a UC, screwed around too much and graduated with less than stellar grades; 2.67 to be exact (similar cu and sci GPAs). Fortunately, I have no bio/chem/physics courses (i.e...
  6. sushi18


  7. I

    Prioritizing clinical vs. non-clinical volunteering

    I currently work full-time in a clinical research setting. Depending on the project, my interactions with patients generally include consenting for studies and sitting in on research interviews. As I work full-time, and will also be studying for the MCAT, my time for volunteering is limited. I...
  8. V

    Is this considered non-clinical volunteering?

    Hi all, I am going to be applying for medical school in next year's cycle, but I wanted to make sure that I am on track with volunteering before I start applying. I have a lot of clinical volunteer hours (from hospital and clinic volunteering), but I wanted to make sure I also have enough...
  9. P

    Sporadic clinical volunteering?