1. DoctoOcto

    Non-clinical volunteering - multiple activities with ~70-100 hours each?

    With COVID restrictions ramping down, I'm finally able to find non-clinical volunteering opportunities. I have found 3-4 activities I find meaningful, and would like to do them once a week (2 of them are very flexible with when I can do them). I'm planning on applying next cycle, which gives me...
  2. M

    Short Term Non-Clinical Volunteering

    Hey, I was wondering how short-term non-clinical volunteering looked like. Specifically, I'm a computer science major, and I'm part of a group this semester that is creating a tutoring app for kids on campus, and we hope to extend this app to anyone in our community. It looks like I'll be...
  3. DoctoOcto

    Should I take on this volunteering "offer"? What would it count as?

    I recently made a thread about hospice/children's hospital volunteering, which I plan to continue to do over a long time, but the assisted living facility I go to that cares for hospice patients just asked me if I wanted to volunteer through them as well to provide companionship to their older...
  4. M

    Classification of Volunteer Leadership

    Hi Everyone, I currently hold an unpaid leadership role within a rare disease non-profit (which I assume is "non-clinical" although medically-related). Without imparting too much information, my role is managerial and may help to provide previously unknown data related to this disease. To...
  5. B

    Do MD's have a better predisposition to do non-clinical research than other fields?

    Hi guys, I am studying medicine on the 3rd semester, which means we are going through biochemistry. I always looked forward to biochem, as I like when stuff gets really detailed and geeky (such as molecular structures and functions, hard math problems, etc.), but right now I am quite...
  6. Threemethylcholanthrene

    Should I apply the 2018 cycle?

    I will be taking the MCAT in Jan-March, first practice test I didn't do too well but I am not discouraged. I will probably be able to obtain three LOR's by the time I apply but I don't have one yet. I'll probably have a real good one from a physician across the street from me who I have shadowed...
  7. RogueBanana

    How crucial is non-clinical volunteer work

    Looking for opinions: Lets say an applicant has: Good Stats Strong Leadership ECs Good Clinical Experience (volunteer, shadowing & interning) Good LORs Publications/Research Team Activities BUT no classical volunteer work listed on the primary application (food shelter, homeless,community...
  8. RogueBanana

    Is my volunteering experience acceptable?

    So I'm not sure if my volunteering experience is up to standard. I was an volunteer intern at a rehab clinic for 30-40hrs per week last spring. It ended up around 600+ hours of medically related experience. I volunteered at this clinic in the past as an undergrad, and when I was required to...
  9. SocialLoaner

    Master's Level pursuing Doctorate

    An obvious reason to earn a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology is to be able to practice as a Clinical Psychologist, but as a Master of Social Work Graduate who is applying for licensure to practice in my state, I am stumped on where to continue. I will already be able to practice Psychotherapy...